Pirates are cooler than ninjas - Raising awareness of autism & Asperger Syndrome
I think I have had an experience of being an autistic person in a pub, not fitting in with the rest of society.  I initially thought that the punters were being sociable with me, then I had doubts that they were being friendly.  They were beginning to take the piss out of me because I was acting differently.
I came to the pub as this was a fund raising event for the toddler who needs a bone marrow transplant and I thought I would contribute to this appeal.  I dropped in £2, not a lot, but it might help the child in question.
When people say "How are you doing brother?", are they ridiculing me or are they being genuine?  I think very soon they pick up that something is not right about me.    I think I heard one of the men comment "He's a dick head".  Was that about me?
I then asked an older gent "How many pubs are raising money for the bone marrow toddler?"   He was saying Waterstones, and that, but I think he was trying to be funny.  Another man said just this pub is doing this.
There was some buffet food, some home made sausage rolls, and the first man said "They are as hot" (as in chilli).  The other man said "They are sausage rolls", he sorted them out.  I was by now feeling completely uncomfortable and did not fit in. with the locals in the pub and not everyone was all that friendly when I spoke to them.  I asked a young mother what her daughters name was, she did answer, but it was a little bit like she was saying "What is it to you what my girls name is?"
I started to eat some slices of sausage rolls and I heard one of the guys say to the other guy "He's an idiot", that felt like he was talking about me.  I tried to listen if this was about me or not. 
I had a piece of sausage roll in my hand and the guy said ""It is sausage meat".  I thought, does this guy think I am stupid?  So I chucked the sausage roll piece back on the tray and walked out in disgust.
Maybe there are hundreds of unwritten rules that autistic people do not understand or are even aware of that non autistic people just naturally do.  Or, the possible fact is that these guys had been drinking, and so act like this with beer in them.
This has hit home that I am indeed autistic and I do not know the social rules.  But I feel insulted by the comments.  I am not happy with the pub experience.  I actually did not feel comfortable in the pub on my own and I am vulnerable to ridicule from others.
The same old story, my autism has not got better, and I will always feel like an alien from another planet in places like pubs, nightclubs etc.
I do not deserve to be treated like an idiot.  I could have confronted the man, but I thought that this would exacerbate the problem and makes things worse and leave me more humiliated and angry, so I just walked out of the pub.  I simply do not want trouble.  Are local people always like this?...nasty.  Or is it the affect of beer that does it?
I am not happy tonight, I do not want to be seen as stupid, especially when I did not ask for it.
And, it is autism that causes all my obsessions.
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