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About us.

The adult group opened it's doors for the first time on the 11th July, 2006.  We had two project leaders, and on that first evening two individuals who have Asperger Syndrome were brave enough to join us.  From then on we went from strength to strength with new people joining us almost on a weekly basis.  The group soon found it's purpose and wrote their own constititution.  To support the constitution the group formed it's own committee, voting for officers, i.e. Chairperson, Secretary, and treasurer, and committee members, who with the support of staff make decisions regarding the direction the group should follow.  The group has rapidly grown in numbers, and four project leaders are now supporting individuals at every meeting.

In 2008, as a result of listening to the individuals who attend the group, and in recognition of the stressful lives that carers live, funding was agreed for a monthly  carers group to be formed.      

In 2009, in response to professional requests, funding was agreed for the Saturday afternoon "Transition" group for young people aged 16 years to 18years.  The group is forming it's own identity, and has decided to call itself C.O.A.S.T.  (Chill out for Asperger Teenagers).  Two project leaders and two volunteers from the adult group support the young people who attend.  The rationale behind using volunteers from the adult group is that when the young people who attend become 18 years old, they will make the transition to the Tuesday evening adult group, therefore by using the adult group volunteers they (hopefully) will not be as anxious in a new setting.

The overall aims of all three groups is to provide a safe environment where individuals can share life and personal experiences, give and receive support, be respected, not bullied.  To learn and develop new skills, whilst building on existing skills.  To gain confidence and raise self esteem, ultimately to be accepted and valued in the local community.

if you would like to come along to the group that meets your needs please go to our contact page for details.

See you soon!!!!!

                                            We are a not for profit organisation

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