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Bill's Poetry

Bill is an individual who has been using our drop in group for approximately three years now.  Recently Bill has been successful in having one of his poem's published.  The following is just a small selection of Bill's poems, I'm sure you'll agree that he certainly is talented!!!!!

The sugar Coatings

Bite beneath the sugar coatings of the pills the man sold you.
You're sure you'll enjoy them as you begin to chew.
You begin to see blurred images normally called people
You begin to see vast square giants normally called buildings,
The man he charged you quite a lot for such very small pills.
In that dingy rubbish strewn alleyway the darkness comes alight.
You experience beauty from the pills as against the pain you fight.
You will want some more later from the same hard looking man.
For as you start to laugh you fight as best you can.


I would if I could

I would if I could, but I can't so I won't.
I would mend the lawnmower, but I can't so I wont.
I find a spanner but I can't so I won't.
I'd open the tool shed, but I can't so I won't.
I would mow the lawn, but I can't so I won't.
I would do some work, but I can't so I won't.
The only thing I can do is sit in this deck chair lapping up the sun.
I can do, so I will.


The River

The river by the mill in the country somewhere in England.
It flows quietly, it is small and deep.
The banks are not beaches for the banks are too steep.
Yellow tulips look down on it where the river passes the mill.
The water wheel does not turn the waters remain still.
The waters are a dark green hue, they are not in a hurry.
This piece of water stretches for miles without stir or flurry.
At night the moon dances on it's waters
Shining on the weeds the lilies and what pollution slaughters.


Sky Dive

Above the trees, above the ground, above the city it flies.
That silver bird which carries men who have dispensed with shirts and ties.

They come from all walks of life to try the ultimate thrill.
They have all paid subscriptions to pay for the bill.
When it has reached eighty five feet.
Each man rises from his seat.
Each man walks towards the door.
Each man then obeys Newton's law.
Each man is exposed to the air.
Each man is buffeted by currents that tear.

One, two. three, four what are we all doing this for?.
Seven, eight, nine, ten, I wonder what happened to Ben?
They all fall through the air like puppets or feathers.
Their helmets and suits fit for all weathers.
They pull their cords after disengaging hands.
Their parachutes emerge like fans.
The ground comes up, their boots stop every man.
They pack their parachutes then walk towards the town.



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